Duty Gear Increases Safety, Efficiency For Police Officers

Different accessories are available to help make law enforcement jobs easier, safer and more efficient. Departments and individuals have different preferences and requirements, depending on the type of daily operation. A wide variety of items can be added to a duty belt for quick, convenient access when needed. Duty Gear is available in different shapes, sizes and materials to meet all personal and departmental preferences.


Pouches are the most common types of duty gear. They carry everything from gloves to handcuffs to chemical agents. They are designed to conceal the identity and accessibility of the item inside. A specially designed mag pouch will carry single or double clips for the weapon of choice. They are available in vertical or horizontal styles. Radio pouches can be custom design, universal or molded fit. A quick release is a bonus feature offered by some manufacturers for volatile situations.


Holsters can be affixed to the belt for safe and convenient access. They allow the weapon to be stationary in molded form-fitting holsters or universal fit styles. Holsters should be strong and durable to prevent wear and accidental discharge or loss of the law enforcement officer’s gun. Most holsters have adjustable angles to meet the preferences of the individual. Stun gun holsters are specially designed for the weapon, with taser cartridge cases available separately. Both can be worn together on the belt.


A Duty Gear can be made of nylon, leather and a combination of treated materials. Strength, durability and resistance to moisture, heat and blood-borne pathogens is a top selling point for belts. They must be able to support the accessories clipped or looped to them, be comfortable, lightweight and not wear excessively. The buckle must be reliable and secure. Traditional duty gear belts can be worn overtop regular belts and removed when not needed. A loop system is a common means of attaching the belts to each other.


Cases provide a professional way to carry everyday items without disrupting operations. A silent key case, for example, is important for situations where silence is a matter of life and death. Folding knife cases prevent injury and weapon loss. They are usually closed with a sturdy fastener to prevent the knife from coming out unexpectedly or being removed by an attacker. In fact, most items kept in cases are concealed within the compartment to prevent people from seeing exactly what is being worn on the belt.

Emergency Lighting System Is a Necessity in Buildings and Offices

Emergency lighting system is necessary in huge any residential and commercial places. Most importantly these Emergency Light are installed in pathways of buildings and offices so that people can see in cases where there is power failure and emergency power break down. These lights are mainly installed on stairs and pathways because these are the tow places where people will most likely to injure themselves.

There are different types of emergency lighting available and each of them is unique in their own way and operates differently. Most of these lights are installed or fixed on the walls along the paths so that it gives sufficient light so that some sort of visibility is there. The lights which are installed on the stairs and pathways should be regularly checked if they are working properly because these are important places and you don’t want people getting hurt on these places.

Emergency lights are either battery operated or they are rechargeable on electricity. These can be fixed and some are portable as you can carry them along with you wherever you want to take them. These lights are useful to be taken along when you are out for camping with family and friends or on hiking where the visibility is very less. These lights can be very useful in these situations and they are easy to operate as well.

Not only you can take these Emergency Vehicle Light for camping and hiking but they are used for many different purposes and can be kept in homes as well in case of any emergency arises and you might be needing the help of lights. These lights should be kept at home in case of emergency and they will always be useful but be sure to check from time to time if they work properly.

Emergency lights are widely used in third world countries where people face huge spells of electricity load shedding. In these countries the need for emergency lights is always on the high side and these lights are a necessity for the residents of these countries.

Some emergency life saving lights are switched on to lead on the proper way and people don’t tend to get lost in stairs and pathways. These lights are also installed in case if a natural disaster occurs or in case of fire then these lights are very helpful in guiding people to exit. Most people have saved their lives with the help of emergency lights in such buildings where the fire broke out. In case if there is an emergency break down of electricity in the city then you can use the help of these emergency lights to complete your work, make or eat dinner and also helpful in making the visibility clear for everyone.

In huge buildings and offices these emergency lighting systems is properly installed with the help of electrician and there are laws regulating that buildings on offices should have proper exit and emergency life saving lighting system installed otherwise the government can take action against these project builders for not complying with regulated laws.

Tactical Boots - Choosing The Right Tactical Boot

Tactical boots come in all types, sizes, colors and functionality. Depending upon your profession or your recreational activity, you will want to choose your tactical boots wisely.

I like to group Tactical Boots into three categories: Recreational or everyday use, Law Enforcement and Military. All three categories require unique properties that different boots will offer so this article is designed to highlight the differences so you may make a better, more informed decision to what boot you would need and in what environment.

Lets take the law enforcement category first. Police officers obviously have a duty uniform that they must adhere to. So first things first the boots need to be black. Now depending on whether they are street officers or patrol officers may determine if they would need the 8” or 6” heights. Putting height aside for a second there are some key features that a police and patrol officer will be looking for in a quality tactical boot. First, the ability to run quickly. Police offers are often in foot pursuit of suspect and need a boot that is lightweight while still maintaining its durability. The soles need to be slip resistant and a good police boot will have tow lugs designed for climbing fences and heel lugs for fast braking. Although a safety toe is a personal choice and some officers prefer it while others don’t, having the option is important when shopping for police boots.

When it comes to the military, their needs are slightly different than law enforcement. In today’s military environment they are typically in dry, hot sandy environments. Whether it be Iraq or Afghanistan, they need boots that will mesh with the topography. Desert boots are ideal. These tactical boots are a light coyote brown color that are made purposefully for hot weather climates. Designed with instep vent holes and a antibacterial moisture-wicking lining, Duty Belt, the feet of military men and women will stay dry, cool and comfortable.

Lastly is the tactical boot for the outdoor enthusiasts or for everyday wear. The great thing about quality tactical boots is they tend to be extremely comfortable and literally “ready to wear” right out of the box. This is something all outdoor enthusiasts look for. Whether they are headed to the range or hiking a trail they expect their boots to feel good from the moment they put them on to the time they take them off. Some features that are important to outdoor enthusiasts is a boot that was built on a hiking boot platform that offers adequate volume in the forefoot and a secure fit around the mid-foot and ankle. If out in the wilderness you will also want something that is waterproof so look for a tactical boot that offers a waterproof breathable membrane.

Led Dash Light - The Advantages of Opting for LED Dash Lights

Having distinctive lights is a must for emergency response vehicles, both to alert the public of the emergency, and to keep the vehicles safe when parked. There are many forms of emergency lights available these days, with flexible size and colors as well. Thanks to the LED bulbs that make them energy-efficient and functional along with minimizing the bulk, emergency lights can be reduced to any size wanted, and extended to larger sizes as well. LED bulbs are not only energy-efficient; they are also very light compared to other forms of lights, which makes them portable even when the lighting systems are larger. Led Dash Light are the best example of compact portable emergency lights, which are multifunctional in many ways.

LED dash lights can be attached and removed according to the needs, which makes them perfect for undercover cop cars. Undercover cop cars have the special requirement to be inconspicuous on the roads until the need to be noticed arises. The emergency dash lights can be attached when the undercover cop car needs to demand the right of way, and can be detached and stowed away when it is patrolling. When cop cars are parked, they need distinct tail lights to highlight the car position, and to notify the public that they are emergency vehicle parked for a reason. Emergency dash lights accomplish this purpose, since they can be mounted on the rear of the vehicles through the aid of magnetic technology or suction cups. This also helps when the traffic signals break down and the cop cars need to act as auxiliary units to direct the traffic.

The emergency lights can be used for many functions because of a variety of colors available and distinctive flash patterns that can be programmed into them. LED dash lights are no different, and are available in a number of different colors and flash patterns. Red dash lights can be used to tell the oncoming traffic of the expected delays due to emergencies. Red and blue combination will most certainly let the public know that the area is under the surveillance of a cop car. Amber and red dash lights are used by fire trucks when they are parked in the emergency areas, of when they are getting to the area through a dense traffic. Green dash lights, Light Bar are also used by a number of general purpose vehicles to indicate the traffic of their need.

Another great advantage of portable light systems is the ability to use them as hand-held light source. LED dash lights prove to be very useful as additional hand-held light sources when the area under surveillance has a poor lighting. Many times a car chase will end up in pursuit on feet. Especially when it is dark, it is very essential to have a hand-held lighting source at disposal, to help the cops accomplish the task. Dash lights are perfect for such needs and many other instances where compact lighting systems are required. Not only are they efficient for emergency vehicles, they are great emergency lighting systems for domestic and personal vehicles as well, when they need them.

UHF Radio - Long-Range Communication

UHF radios transmit frequencies that can be picked up by other devices. A good example is the two-way radio. Other ultra high frequency devices are televisions, mobile phones and other long-range data transmission. A prime example of long-range ultra high frequency transmission is through a global positioning system, also known as a GPS.

Onsite Uhf Radio are a great product for businesses. These will allow employees, managers and supervisors to connect instantly. You can purchase them in headset or walkie-talkie form. There are many businesses that utilize this technology. Construction site managers use these to check on the status of site projects. A popular use in the fast food industry is using these for order taking. Race teams use them to communicate between the driver and the pit crew; this is helpful in the middle of a race in case of a problem with the vehicle.

Another often-used application is on the premises of hotels and gold courses. There are typically large expanses of area to cover and employees would spend a lot of time hunting down co-workers if not for these. Another place the 2 Way Radio can be used is in the medical field, whether in a doctor’s office, dentist’s office or hospital campus. The lower powered devices do not usually pose a threat to the signal interference of equipment in the critical care unit. Photographers sometime use these on shoots to request lighting or prop assistance, this avoids the potential of losing a good shot by having to turn away, or worse, run off to get some help with the shot.

UHF radios also have their place in the consumer community. They are not a business only device. These are something to consider picking up for the members of your family if you are planning a theme park vacation. It is entirely too easy to misplace someone in crowds that can literally top off at one hundred thousand people. Other common situations where these will come in handy is camping, motorcycling and hunting. All members of your group will be able to stay in constant contact and meet back up as necessary.



Reflective vests consist of safety clothing or covering in order to avoid any unexpected event. The main purpose of reflective vest is to protect the major body parts from injury. During running, walking, swimming, biking, hiking etc the people may lose their balance and can fall down directly on the road or any other material. This may lead to a severe brain or other body damage and in many cases death of the individual. reflective sleeves play their parts in such situations. They not only protect the individual but also minimize the damage. You may say that they are your life line or life saver.


Reflective Vest are not only used for biking, running or other such activities but they are also used for many other life saving services. Various reflective sleeves are made to protect from the fire. The material used in such vests is fire resistant. In case of any fore incidence the freeman wears the same sleeves for their protection. In the same way some vests are bullet proof. They are especially made to absorb the bullet with in them without giving any damage to the people. Such vests are commonly used by the police department as well as the army because they face such situations on daily basis. These vests are also used by the sailor because they also save from drowning in the water. These vests have saved many lives and they are the most commonly used item I emergency situations.


Reflective vests as the name implies, have the property of Emergency Vehicle Light, reflecting light which is their great strength. reflective sleeves are made from fabric that reflects light. It has several layers of this fabric. Many other materials are used in reflective vests according to the need for example for making bullet proof reflective vests such material is used which is bullet proof etc. With the new innovations many other features are added to the reflective vests. Now days reflective sleeves are made in such colors that become highlighted easily even in a large crowd. The reason for using such bright colors such as orange and parrot green is that in case of emergency such as any fire or flood you can easily reach such persons and take their help. Most of the emergency service providers and the police are using such bright colors in their vests. Reflective vests are present in various designs and shapes. There is a wide range of designs from which you may select any one. You can also get information about various reflective vests including the material used in them, their price, shape, design and usage on internet. Many online companies are selling reflective vests online.


In the start vests were named as life vests. They were made by using the natural material from with in the surroundings. In the start cork and balsa wood was used to make vests that help in swimming. Kapok was also used as a filling material in many vests. France introduced a new life vest in 1960.It was called as poikilothermic. It was very light as well as flexible. These vests have extra features and were more effective. Now days various vests are being made, such as fire resistant vests, reflective vests, life saving vests and bullet proof vests. Each has its own features, design and shape according to its need. The most common material used in making vests is the plastic. Nylon is also used in making vests.

2 Way Radios - How to Maintain Business Communication During an Emergency

Doesn’t it seem like hurricane season lasts longer and does more damage every year? Summertime heat waves and winter ice storms appear more severe than ever?

Natural and man-made catastrophes, can result in emergencies and power outages that last a few hours, a few days or, in the most severe cases, a week or longer. This can cost your business thousands of dollars.

Emergency and public safety organizations like police and fire departments, medical teams and college campus security depend on commercial 2 Way Radios. Your business can also turn to commercial 2 Way Radios in natural disasters and other emergencies. Two way radios are an economical resource in emergency situations that can possible save your business money!

Why Two Way Radios Are an Excellent Way to Maintain Communication & Keep Your Business Operating During an Emergency.

1. Two way radios do not rely on cell towers like cell phones do. They operate radio to radio independently from any other system. If the power to a cell tower goes out, or the tower is knocked down, you lose cell phone service. Be prepared and use 2 way radios to avoid overloaded cell phone systems in an emergency.

2. Two way radios do not rely on telephone lines. Phone systems can be knocked out just like cell phone towers. If the power goes out to a phone system, or there is a line in the system that is damaged, you lose phone service. Being prepared with 2 way radios will overcome this potential communications issue.

3. If you apply the tips below and use commercial 2 way radios your team can maintain radio communication around a fixed location or campus of buildings without electricity for hours, even days, in an emergency.

Why Carry a VHF Radio on Board

Many people go out onto the water each year and the majority have a great time with no mishaps. However,Vhf Radio are occasions when you may need to summon assistance and whilst most people now carry a mobile phone, the RNLI do not recommend their use to be relied upon for safety by boat users.

Imagine the situation where you are out and your engine fails (and if you’re sailing there is no wind), the tide is at full strength and you are rapidly being carried backwards. What do you do?

You may have your mobile phone with you but who do you call? or what happens if you can’t get a signal (you may be in the shadow of a cliff or out of range) or you forgot to top your credits up?

If you have a Vhf Radio fitted you can call for assistance. The coastguard and all other boats within range fitted with a VHF radio should hear your call. If you called on a mobile phone, only one person will hear about your situation and they may not know what to do.

Collar Insignia - Foreign Military Surplus Clothing Styles


Have you ever wondered how foreign military clothes looked like? Collar Insignia do they look the same or different from your own country’s clothes. Some foreign military clothes even have special terms; you need to look it up on the internet to find out what they mean. Read this article to determine how foreign clothing looks like and at the same time, learn the local terms they have for their uniforms.

Government surplus clothing stores are really good places to find goods no longer used by the military and military surplus clothing stores offer a range of military clothing and other products. Military surplus gear can be a blessing for those who have a tight budget and can’t afford to get expensive equipment suited for personal use. As a fashion piece, military clothing is no longer constrained to the soldier, the paint -ball player or the outdoorsman. Air force surplus clothing advertises air force shirts are bought by everybody because of the variety of styles. Air force surplus clothing has designs available for women like airmen’s wives and girlfriends with cute sayings like “I Love My Airman” and “Air Force Mom”.

Foreign military surplus clothing like the local military surplus clothing stores also contains an overload of clothing and gear that are not used by foreign countries. Most commonly found in their respective countries in military surplus clothing stores, they are also sold in local vintage military clothing sales. Most clothing you find come from the era of World War II as that was a decisive moment for changing uniform styles. At local vintage stores, you may find:

British military surplus clothing. Battle Dress was the certified name for the standard operational and combating uniform worn by the British Army together with armies of other Imperial and Commonwealth countries in temperate climates. The uniform composed of a pair of trousers and a securely fitting short jacket Blouse, Custom Patches composed of khaki-coloured woollen cloth. The Royal Air Force wore the blue battledress and Royal Navy wore the navy blue one. British camouflage uniforms were once hand-painted by some specialists.

German military surplus clothing. The Germans hold on to their form of field grey for uniforms which have litzen - collar braid stripes. Some uniforms have high collared tunics that go with stiefelhosen - riding breeches and marchstiefel - jackboots. West Germany makes use of uniforms with splinter - a 4 color uniform pattern or a fleck tarn - a style with dots and blotches. East Germany has the four-color Flächentarnmuster pattern sometimes called splotch and the Strichmuster pattern - a dense straight line pattern.

LED Light Bars - Long-Lasting Lights For Emergency Vehicles

There are several types of light bars LED that can be used for emergency vehicle lighting. The options include mounting on the outer edge, facing the rear, upper exterior mounting, etc. depending upon the requirement. These bars come with super bright LEDs that can provide high intensity beams with low beam temperature, which are suited to operate for long hours even under adverse conditions. These light bars come with some excellent features. Low power operation preserves energy and hence enhances their usability and reliability. The lightbars come with traffic adviser with a control head that can be used when the bars have to be operated as a traffic directional, especially on highways or during traffic jams. These can be used as take-downs, alley lights, etc. with rear, front and even all-bar operation that can easily be controlled.


Light bars LED are a dozen inches wide and usually around a couple of inches high. The standard lengths of these lightbars vary between 40 - 72 inches depending upon the vehicle where they are used. Some of this Led Light Bar comes with split color center section which offers greater versatility and flexibility of use. The flash patterns use the most modern technology which can not only offer plenty of flashing patterns but also the flexibility to have multiple flashing patterns in different sections of the bars. This Led Dash Light usually comprises of corner modules each with 6 - 12 super bright LEDs. Sometimes they are comprised of arrays of LED assemblies put together for high intensity that can be controlled depending upon the usage as well as the time of day. Another interesting aspect of these lightbars is that they can easily be separated into several sections through screws and also put together depending upon what the situation demands.

Light heads of these light bars LED can also easily be replaced. One can also invest in wrecker bars which come with tail and brake turn lights and rear work. Two important features of these lightbars which are extremely important for their functionality are the polycarbonate base on extruded aluminum and the clear outer lens. The outer lens can enhance the visibility of the light, while remaining undetectable in stealth operations when required. The polycarbonate lens, combined with the compression fit gasket can ensure greater longevity of the lights and better weather, vibration and moisture resistance.

When you are purchasing light bars, LED is usually the best option because of the cost effectiveness as well as the preservation of energy. Several different types of lenses such as 8 degree, 15 degree, 30 and 60 degree colored lenses can be used to enhance the functionality of these light bars. Light heads offer great operation control as well. Each of the light heads in the lightbars can be turned on and off when required. Some light bars LED also come with cruise light control mechanism wherein the intensity of the lights can be changed until perfect optimization is achieved.

Get UHF Radio and Custom Patches from High Quality Products

UHF Radio (Ultra High Frequency) is useful to communicate the people around the distance between 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz. These kinds of radios are very much useful for the security guards to communicate another security officer who is in some far distance rather than using of mobile phones. The UHF Radios are not recommended to communicate with the persons who are in very long distance. But, they are very much essential useful to talk with the people who are in some range of distance. These are also useful in organizations as well. These will allow employees, managers and supervisors to connect instantly. Different ranges of radios were available in the market like Commercial Programmable Narrowband Radio, Compact Programmable UHF Radio.


Using of UHF Radio was not that much of hard and it designed to work in very simple manner. The upcoming UHF Radios has the application and the features same like the VHF Radios. Because of the shorter wavelengths it becomes easy to use these radios. They have the battery backup of more than cell phones and they also consume less watts power. If anyone trying to use the UHF Radios to communicate with the family then there is no need of any license. If the usage of radios is for business purpose then there is certain need of license to use the UHF Radios.

Custom Patches has become the part of uniforms and become like an identifying factor for so many. The usage of Custom Patches is more in the field of public sector and in security fields. It become like a mandatory for the officers in Military units, firefighters, police officers, motorcycle clubs. Other groups and organizations have started using of custom patches to identify their members. The Custom Patch must be unique to each and every organization and for the individual persons as well. They are not only useful to recognize the person but they often provide a sense of morale for those who wear them.

It’s always good to design unique Custom Patches and you won’t be a good designer for that. Several portals are offering designed Custom Patches according to the needs of the organization and the persons. They provide the Custom Patches in different sizes, shapes and in different colors in unique design. They can also be made with different materials and different features such as Velcro / hook and loop tape backing.